How difficult it is in Germany to get the awarding files dispatched?

Here a new decision from the German VK Bund, decision of 26.03.2021, VK 2 – 13 / 2.
The right to inspect files does not mean that the procurement files must be sent by the Public Procurement Tribunal to the applicant or his authorised representative.The inspection of the file may also be granted in such a way that the applicant is given access to a copy of the award file with redactions.

Procurement Law – File Inspection

What does it mean?

Inspection of files in public procurement law refers to the right to inspect files within the award review proceedings before the Public Procurement Tribunal. Within the scope of this right, the parties may inspect the files at the Procurement Chamber and have copies, excerpts or transcripts prepared at their own expense. There is no right to have the files sent per post. The above-mentioned Decision is also a proof for that.

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