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We advise and represent public contracting authorities as well as bidding companies in tender procedures, review procedures and before court. We can assess the interests of both sides and incorporate them into our tactical considerations.

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The head office of horak. Attorneys-at-law is located in the capital of Lower Saxony in Hanover. Here we have central facilities that can also be accessed from our other locations, such as server, digital library, telephone exchange, etc. In addition, we maintain further branches of our law firm in several metropolitan areas.

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Our profile is shaped by our attorneys. We are service providers. Professional competence, continuous further training and experience form our basis. Early legal advice enables you to take legally secure action. In the event of a dispute, we are also open to alternative solutions, e.g. through mediation.

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We complement each other and we have one goal: your success. Do you have plans or ideas and want a reliable partner to implement them? Describe your problem to us and we will provide you with your personal contact person. Your legal team is there for you and accompanies all the necessary steps on the way to your success. Your goal is our goal.

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meet our procurement legal specialist Karoline Behrend attorney-at-law certified procurement law specialist

"“To reach a port we must set sail. Sail, not tie at anchor. Sail, not drift.”

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Make sure to fill out our form and to get in touch with us. We are located in Germany but internationality is our strength. 

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First Examination

Our attorneys will make sure to analyse all the documentation and materials of the case before starting making any plan about the legal path you should follow.

Legal Expertise

We use our expertise in order to design successful legal statements and documents. We never stop learning.


A first procurement law consultation may be the first and quickest way to solve your legal doubts. Do not hesitate.

International Mediation and Advice

We are not scared of working over the border. Our attorneys have an international background, we are accompanied and sustained by a strong international team of interpreters and translators. You can trust us.

Strategic Development

Having a winning strategy is sometimes the key to success. No fight has been won without a functioning and well studied strategy. We have the necessary experience.


Enforcements and defence of claims (warnings, interim injunctions, law suits) is what we know best. Sometimes defense is the only way through.

Legal Representation

Some cases are easy to solve out of court. However you sometimes need to be prepared to go fight for your rights before court. Choose the right warriors to go with. We can talk for experience.


Some proceeding may be easy to solve and you can quickly can over the legal problem but you sometimes really need the perfect companion in order to win your games. Choose us.


From our blog

Principles of awarding contracts

The principles of awarding contracts are dealt with and defined in Section 97 of the GWB. This describes in more detail the five basic principles of competition, transparency, equal treatment, non-discrimination and proportionality. These are the most important principles of awarding contracts and are intended to ensure competition and thus economic purchasing by the authorities.…

Awarding in emergency situation: the corona test centers

Was the awarding of corona test centers unlawful? In the dispute over the state-owned Corona test centres, Berlin lost before court. The KG confirmed decisions of the Public Procurement Chamber according to which the awarding of contracts for the operation of the test centres was unlawful: Decision of 10.05.2022, Ref. Verg 1/22 and Verg 2/22…

Indicative Tenders and Negotiations

Indicative Tenders and Negotiation: What do you need to know? Is is possible to negotiate and round up indicative bids after your company has won the tender? Let’s have a look at this tribunal proceeding (BayObLG, Decision of 03.06.2022 – Verg 7/22):   Tribunal Decision of 03.06.2022 Award 7/22 (1) The contracting authority may organise…


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HANOVER | Headoffice

Our law office in the state capital of Lower Saxony, in Hanover, is located in the Georgstraße near to the Opera. Our head quarter is centrally located, about 5 minutes from the Main Train Station and easily connected to the best restaurants and most popular shops of the city. In addition, we are both for drivers as well as for long-distance travellers very easy to reach. Thus, you can quickly come and visit us also from Göttingen, Hildesheim, Osnabrück, Celle, Brunswick, Wolfsburg and the surrounding area.

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Michael Horak, LL.M.

Attorney-at-law | Graduate Engineer | Certified Intellectual Property Law Specialist |  Certified Media and Copyright Law Specialist

Julia Ziegeler

Attorney-at-law |  Certified Intellectual Property Law Specialist |  Certified Media and Copyright Law Specialist

Anna Umberg, LL.M., M.A.

Attorney-at-law |  Certified Intellectual Property Law Specialist

Andree Eckhard

Patent Attorney |  European Trademark Attorney and Design Attorney

Katharina Gitmann-Kopilevich

Attorney-at-law |  Certified Intellectual Property Law Specialist

Karoline Behrend

Attorney-at-law | Certified Intellectual Property Law Specialist

Johanna K. Müller-Kühne, PhD

Patent Attorney | European Attorney |  European Trademark Attorney and Design Attorney

Andreas Friedlein


Stefan Karfusehr