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procurement law

The first objective is to meet public procurement needs through the economic and economical use of budgetary resources.

The principles of equal treatment, non-discrimination and transparency should ensure fair competition between bidding companies and prevent corruption.
Public contracting authorities are not only public institutions, but also particular private companies in the field of transport, drinking water supply and energy supply, which are subject to public procurement law.

What kind of services do we offer to public contracting authority?

Examination and implementation of tendering procedures
Choice of procedure
Preparation of the contractual documents
Formulation of invitation to tender
Opening and evaluation of tenders
Support during the awarding as well as implementation of awards
Representation in case of public procurement complaint and in the review procedure
And so much more…
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the main principles of procurement law

What shall be observed?

The following principles can be extracted from the German Antitrust Law Act (especially §§ 97, 101 GWB):


Publication of tendering, commitment to publication, documentation of the proceedings


Right to equal treatment of all bidders, prohibition of discriminatory practices, principle of neutrality


Free access to the proceedings, allowance of all offers from suitable bidders, participation of several bidders, prohibition of anti-competitive behaviour by the contracting entity and tenderers, establishment of a fair competition as a fundamental requirement

procurement awards

What kind of awards exist?

Open procedure (EU-Procurement Law)/ public tendering (national award)
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Negotiation procedure (EU-Law Granting) / direct award (national award)
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Competitive Dialog (EU-Procurement Law)
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Innovative Partnership (EU-Procurement Law)
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Attorney-at-law · TÜV approved Compliance Officer 

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