Open procedure (EU-Procurement Law)/ public tendering (national award)           

We talk about open procedures (for national proceedings below the EU thresholds: public tendering) in the specific case of contracting authority publicly requesting an unlimited number of companies to submit their offers.

Restricted procedure (EU-Procurement Law/ restricted tendering (national award)

A procedure is considered restricted (Europe-wide) in case the contracting authority selects a limited number of companies on the basis of objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria (competitive bidding), before requesting a limited number of companies from the applicant group to tenders.

Negotiation procedure (EU-Law Granting) / direct award (national award)

The negotiation procedure (in the case of national procedures below the EU threshold: direct award), allows inter alia, negotiations on the terms of contract with the companies.

The negotiation procedure with competitive bidding has been subjected to more simplified admission requirements since the procurement law reform. It has to be taken into consideration in case of contracts for conceptual or innovative solutions, or in contracts that require prior negotiation on the basis of specific circumstances related to the nature, complexity or legal or financial framework and corresponding risks.

Competitive Dialog (EU-Procurement Law)

The competitive dialogue (only in the case of European procurement procedures), gives the contracting authority even more room for negotiation with tenderers.

Innovative Partnership (EU-Procurement Law)

In an innovative partnership (only in the case of European awarding proceedings), the contracting authorities negotiate initial and follow-up offers, subsequently to the competitive bidding, in several phases with the selected companies.