Electronic procurement (eProcurement)

Electronic procurement (eProcurement) permits procurement procedures to be handled entirely online. The advantages: Due to the uniform procedures, online procurement is more efficient and cheaper both for the contracting authority and for private-sector contractors.

Promoting eProcurement

With regard to contracts above the EU thresholds, all tender documents, and particularly the specification, must now (since 18 April 2016) be freely accessible and available free of charge online. This reduces the amount of effort companies need to make to find out about and bid for contracts – procurement procedures will become quicker. By 18 October 2018, all contracting authorities and contractors must have moved entirely to the online handling of procurement procedures for public procurement and concessions above the EU thresholds. This means that – apart from a few exceptions – tenders, requests to participate, declarations of interest and confirmations of interest can no longer be accepted unless they are submitted online.

The Federal Government’s procurement portal

The entire procedures for public procurement below the EU thresholds will be digitised just like public procurement above the EU thresholds. The website www.evergabe-online.de can be used to conduct procurement procedures entirely online. Nothing needs to be sent by post.